Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Reason for KFI to Be Immi-Grateful

Whatta performance for AM talker KFI. According to the spring 2006 Arbitron ratings for Los Angeles, KFI has sprinted to No. 1 in the market (tied with Spanish Contemporary KLVE-FM).

It's the first time in several years that an AM radio station has led the 12+ ratings in Los Angeles. Clearly the dramatic debate over immigration -- which (love 'em or hate 'em) KFI hosts, particularly John and Ken, covered extensively -- had an impact on the numbers. This was a debate tailor made for AM talk radio, and KFI clearly benefited, growing to a 4.8 percent share of radio audiences (up from 4.0 in Winter).

That's only part of the reason, however. After all, fellow talker KABC-AM wasn't helped by the debate, and actually saw its 12+ rating decline.

Overall, KIIS-FM dipped to third place, followed by regional Mexican KSCA-FM (posting a solid gain) in fourth, and smooth jazz KTWV-FM ("The Wave") in fifth. The Wave jumped from a 3.3 to a 4.3 share this time out -- who knew that "smooth jazz" was still so damn popular?!

The rest of the top ten: Alternative KROQ; adult contemporary KOST; regional Mexican KLAX-FM; Spanish oldies KRCD/KRCV; and regional Mexican KBUE/KBUA.

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