Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sploid Goes Splat

Sorry to see the demise of Sploid, the cheeky news site from the Gawker folks that had been edited by Ken Layne.

Sploid had been a sort of "The Daily Show" for the internet. Its use of photos, links and commentary said a lot in a little bit of space -- sometimes highlighting stories or thoughts you wouldn't have seen anywhere else. It's a shame Gawker couldn't find a buyer for the site; the archives will remain, Layne says, in the off-chance that a buyer eventually does come forward.

For now, though, Layne leaves us with this:

Just like YouTube, Lebanon, Joe Lieberman, newspaper circulation and airline travel, Sploid is being demolished.

It is a great victory for bullshit peddlers everywhere ... if they had any idea Sploid existed.

Shut down, laid off, on the nickel, run out of town, shown the door, eighty-sixed, suicided, under heavy manners, finaled by the fuzz, down in the hole, out of the groove, sadder than a map, under the Hoover blankets, taking a bank holiday, riding the rails to Hungry Town, brought down and fought down.

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