Monday, December 24, 2007

No Longer A Virgin (Megastore)

Who didn't see this coming? The Virgin Megastore at Crescent Heights and Sunset, where I purchased many an import CD through the years, is shutting down, Variety reports.

Once a joyous experience, visiting the location has been pretty depressing in recent years. The selection has downsized; the organization had become a mess (the function of fewer employees, I'm sure), and the place always seems to be empty.

I've been waiting for the disappearance of Virgin Megastore ever since Tower called it quits; Virgin couldn't be far behind. The chain still lives, although we're now down to that paltry location at Hollywood and Highland here (the Burbank location closed after the roof collapsed a few years ago). In New York, Variety notes, the Union Square location (which was also pretty depressing when I visited last year) is set to close in 2009; the Times Square outpost will remain.

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