Monday, November 17, 2008

Los Angeles: Ad Town One in a series

Downtown Los Angeles frequently doubles for New York in film and TV -- but I don't quite understand why this commercial (for the Chevy Traverse) felt the need to masquerade as another city.  In this case, a 30 second spot can only convey so much -- so what difference does it make whether this woman is driving down a street in L.A., New York or elsewhere? Why go through the trouble to make fake street signs, when L.A.'s signs would have sufficed?

Above, the ad starts with shoes falling from the sky. Look at that street sign -- 35th St. Not only is that not a Los Angeles sign -- it was clearly added there by the commerical directors - but there is no 35th St. close to downtown.

They appear to be driving down Spring -- anyone know for sure?

Meanwhile, in case you still wonder whether this was really shot in L.A., check out below: A Downtown News box.

There's also a newspaper machine for Tribune's Metromix guide.

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