Thursday, December 18, 2008

Help Homeboy Help Others

I'm sure you're familiar with Homeboy Industries, the nonprofit started 20 years ago by Father Greg Boyle to assist former gang members in straightening out their lives via counseling, job training, tattoo removal and other services.

The economic downturn has hit nonprofits hard -- and Homeboy is in danger of having to cut its services. Such a move could reverberate throughout the city, as Homeboy's massive operation reps the largest and most successful gang rehabilitation program around.

The organization is currently holding a fundraising campaign to offset the loss of major financial donations that are no longer coming in. Homeboy recently raised $25,000, which was matched by a donor; that donor has now agreed to match another $25,000 should it raise that amount again by Wednesday, Jan. 7.

You can learn more about donating here. Also, Homeboy Bakery -- the service that the organization first began two decades ago -- is currently taking orders for holiday cookies and tamales here.

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