Thursday, December 11, 2008

Local News Teaser o' the Day

You know the local TV news teaser drill: Plug an upcoming story/segment with a goofy pun or cutesy, nonsensical quip. Everyone does it; but since I was watching KCBS' 11 p.m. newscast Wednesday night, I'm picking on them. Here's reporter Mary Beth McDade, doing a live tease:

I'm Mary Beth McDade live in Weho where people called in "Gay to Work" - no they weren't fighting off a cold, we're gonna tell you what they were fighting for, coming right up.

Keep in mind the tease was accompanied by video of people protesting Prop 8. And Prop 8 remains a hot topic in California -- at the very least, anyone who watches news would know. Serious stuff, by the way. And yet that strange quip -- "no, they weren't fighting cold." Thanks for clearing that up.

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