Monday, December 01, 2008

Nic Harcourt Says "Goodbye" to Morning Becomes Eclectic; "Hello" to the Los Angeles Times Magazine

After more than ten years in the chair navigating KCRW's signature, influential morning music program "Morning Becomes Eclectic," Nic Harcourt gave his final farewells last Wednesday. (KCRW ran special programming on Thursday, and a pre-taped "Best of" Morning Becomes Eclectic episode on Friday.)

Azure Ray, one of the groups long championed by Harcourt, performed a live set on the final day, before Nic closed the show by giving his final farewells.

Harcourt noted that he's not going far -- he's still maintaining a relationship with KCRW, hosting a weekly music show from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Sunday nights. He is also contributing to the Los Angeles Times' new monthly magazine "LA" -- the one sparking much controversy because it's being produced by the advertising, rather than the edit, staff -- as "editor at large for music and culture."

It didn't sound like Nic knew what that would entail just yet.

Meanwhile, to end the show, Harcourt said he looked far and wide for this song, and finally got a friend at the BBC to send him a copy: "Goodbye," by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. (See below.)

Former nighttime KCRW host Jason Bentley takes over "Morning Becomes Eclectic" -- the only KCRW music show allowed to keep its title (the others are just known now by their DJs' names) -- on Monday.

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