Thursday, January 08, 2009

New York vs. Los Angeles, via Classic Movies


Turner Classic Movies is pitting Los Angeles against New York on Thursday nights throughout January:

Each Thursday in January, TCM will pit the Big Apple against the City of Angels with a trio of double-features that showcase the cities. The various double-features include “When Animals Attack” on Jan. 1, with King Kong (1933) and Them! (1954); “Kelly vs. Kelly,” with the Gene Kelly musicals On the Town (1949) and Anchors Aweigh (1945); “Simon Says,” with the Neal Simon comedies The Out-of-Towners (1949) and California Suite (1978); and “Broadway vs. Hollywood” with All About Eve (1950) and Sunset Blvd. (1950).

Wonder what a modern NY-LA movie smackdown might consist of...

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