Monday, January 05, 2009

Quick-Thinking "Downtown on Ice" Employee Saves the Day

We finally made it back to the Pershing Square's "Downtown on Ice" rink -- the site of our engagement -- last week for some nighttime ice skating.

Well, Evan and I did. Maria was more than happy to watch. The Blogger Preschooler, meanwhile, seems to be getting the hang of it. Being so low to the ground probably helped.

We almost didn't make it inside -- even though it was a Tuesday night, and we were there for the final skate of the evening (at 9 p.m.), the rink was sold out. The guy at the booth said ticket sales wouldn't resume until people started turning in their skates, feeing up space on the ice.

I get it -- the Pershing Square rink is tiny (it is outdoors in Southern California, after all, and a big rink couldn't be sustained). And apparently, with schools out, the crowds were huge all week.

I told Evan the news. The disappointment on his face was heartbreaking. I then asked the guy in the booth whether he'd put us on a waiitng list. "I've never done this before," the guy said, as he wrote down the number "2" on a slip of paper (apparently one other person was in front of us). Sure enough, before long people started turning in their skates... and we were able to join in.

"Downtown on Ice" continues through Jan. 19.

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