Monday, March 02, 2009

Running on the "There are Too Many Spanish Radio Stations" Ticket

Like most of you, I've been very disappointed with the Antonio Villaraigosa regime. He ran for mayor on the basis of so much promise... and ultimately got very little done, other than elevating the visibility of the L.A. mayor job (compared to Jim Hahn -- who probably could have walked through the Grove shohopping mall undetected, even while mayor).

But before you vote for the "Anybody But Antonio" option, a reminder: His competition isn't exactly all that stellar either. Check out this straight-up bizarre video from wannabe mayoral candidate Walter Moore.

Moore showcases this video on his YouTube account -- consisting of a hand scanning through the L.A. radio dial.

Look what he writes: "If you don't live in L.A., you may not realize how far the Mexican invasion of our country has progressed. This video shows you how many Spanish-language radio stations we have."

Um, except if you watch his video, you'll note that most of the AM stations he runs across are English-language! (You'd have a slightly better illustration by scanning the FM dial -- but even then, English still dominates.)

I mean, really? This man wants to govern a city with a huge Latino population, yet thinks there are just too dern many radio stations targeting that population? And what exactly does that have to do with running for mayor, anyway? Meanwhile, not sure about his strategy to piss all over L.A. as a third-world hell hole.

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