Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Who Polices the Parking Enforcers?

Discarted is rightfully a tad annoyed to find their friendly neighborhood parking enforcement officer using a loading zone in a middle of the day to grab lunch. They write:

Case in point: this video, taken this past week in East Hollywood, where our dogged local parking enforcement officer uses the loading zone as a parking spot for her lunch break. This is the same parking officer who tirelessly drives up and down our neighborhood blocks all day long, looking for cars on the wrong side of the street on street cleaning days and in red zones and with expired meters.

Somewhere we missed it in the Los Angeles city code where parking enforcement officers don’t need to obey the law. Wow, what a job perk!

It's not just there; a commenter writes: "They routinely park in 3-minute passenger loading zones on Hope St. between 7th-8th streets downtown while they workout at the Bally’s Gym inside Macy’s Plaza. on their lunch hour, i guess."

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