Sunday, April 19, 2009

Channel 7's Big-Time Twitter Meltdown

Followers of KABC's ABC7Weather Twitter feed were treated to something entirely different than the 7-Day weather forecast this afternoon.

Whoever handles the Twitter account for the ABC7Weather page made a big-time error, as you can see above: The post at the bottom directs users to -- which indeed sends you to KABC's weather page.

But for some reason, in the most recent two posts, they accidentally dropped the "4" in the address -- and (sorry, not gonna provide a link -- you can copy and paste in the browser yourself!) takes you to something completely different. As in NSFW territory. Hell, not safe for home territory. Click at your own risk (or, I suppose, delight, depending on who you are.)

Thanks to Joe for the head's up on this one, via, of course, his Twitter site.

UPDATE: It's been fixed.

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