Monday, April 27, 2009

Watch Out, KIIS: Amp Gets Amp'ed

In case you haven't seen the March Arbitron ratings for L.A. yet... here's the latest top performers among listeners 6+ (which is only used for bragging rights; it's not a demo sold to advertisers) via All Access.

Top 40 KIIS (102.7) is still on top, but is starting to see some erosion. New rival "97.1 Amp" (KLSX) appears to be having an impact, as it shot up to a 3.2 share, better than anything it ever did in its "FM Talk" days. Also of note: All-news KNX appears to be benefiting from KFWB's decision to focus slightly more on Hollywood news. That has led to a sizable drop at KFWB.

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