Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Your Favorite Freeway: The 2

(Flickr pic by Tommy-G.)

It was no contest: When speeding down L.A.'s maze of freeways, you prefer the relatively smooth 2 Freeway (also known as the Glendale Freeway), perched high above the city, and surrounded by mountains.

The 2 is a relatively short freeway, running from La Canada Flintridge (where the 2 turns into the Angeles Crest Highway and heads into the mountains) and Echo Park, where it... just suddenly stops. The 2 suffers from a case of freewayus interruptus, as once upon a time the 2 was meant to continue heading west, over Santa Monica Blvd. -- the never-built "Beverly Hills Freeway."

Perhaps all of you are still nostalgic for "CHiPs," which frequently shot on stretches of the 2 before it officially opened in the late 1970s.

Here's how the poll shaped up:

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