Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dwight Schrute Takes On KCRW

First there was Ashton Kutcher vs. CNN. Then Aziz Ansari took on the forces at IMAX. Now, "The Office's" Rainn Wilson has become the next celebrity vigilante on Twitter.

His target: KCRW.

Wilson addressed the public radio station's music selections on his Twitter site this Saturday:

Dear @kcrw, remember that olde fashioned musique called 'rock'? It doesn't involve electro Swedish techno loops but it's still pretty good.

A reader then replied to Wilson's comment, adding that "(Henry) Rollins' show is the only one I can stomach on kcrw anymore (Saturday 6 p.m.). The rest is Brazilian electro-lounge bullshit.

Wilson's response? "AMEN."

No response yet from KCRW.

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