Thursday, June 04, 2009

Conan Comes to Los Angeles: Kareem, a Mayor V Joke and Another California Driver License

Conan O'Brien cut back on the Los Angeles references in Wednesday night's "Tonight Show," which also didn't include a pre-taped piece. Perhaps that's because unlike the first two editions of "Tonight" with O'Brien, this one included two guests and a musical act, instead of just one guest.

As seen above, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar came out after O'Brien noted that a pair of doors located under the audience reminded him of a sports arena. Kareem didn't really say anything, but he was obviously sporting a Lakers jersey on the eve of the NBA Finals Game 1.

Also, notice that takes someone like Abdul-Jabbar to actually make the 6-foot-4 Conan look normal-sized. Pity the poor "Tonight Show" staffer who they brought out to stand next to the two -- that guy's probably normal height, but next to Kareem and Conan, he looked like a shrimp.

O'Brien included a few L.A. references in his monologue; he noted, for example, Los Angeles' original name -- El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora La Reina de Los Angeles de Porciuncula. Added Conan: "Good thing they changed it before Arnold Schwarzenegger moved here."

In his monologue, Conan also mentioned Antonio Villaraigosa's new relationship with KTLA reporter Lu Parker, pointing out that it's Mayor V's second pairing in a row with a TV reporter. "Apparently the reporters in L.A. really mean it when they say they're the team from Action 7." (OK, they can't all be gems.)

Later, guest Julia Louis-Dreyfus picked up on Tuesday's Conan riff on his new California driver's license. O'Brien told the crowd he was asked to try again when his first license photo came out bad; Louis-Dreyfus said she encountered the same thing, and shared her own California license (above). Of course, I'm not sure I buy that this is her actual license photo, given how glammed up it is... but who knows? (UPDATE: As someone noted in the comments, the dates are all screwy on this license. I think we're pretty safe to confirm that this is bogus.)

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