Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Meanwhile, Over on Twitter

I must admit, I resisted Twitter as long as possible. But now that I'm hooked, I've finally realized that it's the perfect home for my inane observations.

If you're not following Franklin Avenue on Twitter (and why not? Go over and follow us right now!), here are a few highlights from the past week:

E! anounces that it "will no longer cover the misadventures of 'Speidi,' until the pair does something truly newsworthy." So never, right?
5:10 PM Jun 22nd

Resolutions today with Villaraigosa, Chris Brown and Jon & Kate. Egads, what will we talk about the rest of the summer?!
2:12 PM Jun 22nd

Villaraigosa not running for governor. Had Googled the bios of Sacramento's local TV news reporters. Not interested.
1:29 PM Jun 22nd

We'll find out in a moment whether Villaraigosa is running for govern...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Oops, sorry. Don't care enough to finish this Tweet.
1:00 PM Jun 22nd

Just got the latest copy of EW. Ryan Reynolds is now the mag's "new favorite leading man." Really, EW? I mean... really?
4:30 PM Jun 19th

Good Morning America has hired "The Bachelor's" Melissa Rycroft. Wait.. oops, GMA just changed its mind. Can't catch a break, huh, Melissa!
2:00 PM Jun 17th

Turns out those are "Grey's Anatomy" fans there at the Coliseum throwing things at police. Man, are they PISSED that T.R. Knight is leaving.
1:55 PM Jun 17th

Was the crowd at the Laker Rally booing Mayor Villaraigosa, or shouting "LU! LU!" in honor of his KTLA galpal?
1:04 PM Jun 17th

"Lost" exec producers Cuse/Lindelof on Bravo's "Top Chef Masters" tonight. Strangely, this episode was actually taped seven years from now.
11:50 AM Jun 17th

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