Monday, June 15, 2009

Rate-A-Restaurant #208: Barbrix

Restaurant: Barbrix

Location: 2442 Hyperion Ave. (Silver Lake)

Type of restaurant: Tapas/wine bar

We stipulated: Continuing our monthly "date night" trend of trying new restaurants in the neighborhood, we excitedly booked an early evening dinner at Silver Lake's Barbrix. We'd been reading a lot about the spot -- including the owners' struggles in getting the proper permits to open in the first place -- and wanted to check it out ourselves.

They stipulated: It's tapa-style small plates -- so share quite a few. As for parking, Barbrix has a deal with Baller Hardware to use their lot across the street. But park on the street to avoid valet charges.

What we ordered: Hamachi crudo (ginger creme fraiche, avocado and paprika oil; $9); shrimp & chickpea flour tortillas (with cilantro tzatziki; $6); "barely buzzed" cheese (espresso & lavender rubbed cows milk; $4); soppressata (coarsely ground pork, sweetly spiced; $5); crispy grilled polenta (oyster & shiitake mushrooms and creamy gorgonzola fonduta; $5); monkfish (with chickpeas and chorizo; $9).

High point: I really enjoyed those shrimp/chickpea tortillas. And the espresso cheese was quite interesting, in a very good way.

Low point: Didn't think much of the polenta, to tell you the truth.

Overall impression: Quite a nice addition to the Silver Lake/Los Feliz dining scene. Prices are right, wine pairings are strong, the menu selections are fantastic.

Chance we'll go back: Absolutely, we will return.

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