Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another Scoop on Scoops

As part of our Friday night Date Night, Maria and I headed to our fave ice cream shop, East Hollywood's Scoops, after seeing "(500) Days of Summer."

We got there around 9:15, and several of the flavors were already gone (including their signature brown bread). Only a few spoonfuls remained of coffee/cardamon, for example, so they nicely just added a sample to my scoops.

As you know by now, in Scoops' world, "one scoop" actually means two sizable balls of ice cream. In my case, besides the coffee/cardamom topper, I got strawberry/basil and green tea/crema de Mexicana. Maria got the strawberry/basil and green tea/creama de Mexicana as well. Good flavors, but not quite as good as my favorite.

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