Wednesday, July 08, 2009

One More Chance to Own a Piece of the Ambassador

So two years ago I wrote a post putting this up for sale... and then dropped the ball (and perhaps, more honestly, had second thoughts about parting with it).

But now, with Baby Blogger 2.0 on the way, it's time to make some room in our tiny Franklin Avenue HQ. And that means I gotta truly get rid of the large table I bought at the Ambassador Hotel auction in September 2005.

I also don't have the time to restore the marble, which is pretty badly scratched up in places. (Above, that's the table top, resting on its side. Not shown: The table's wooden legs, which I have stored elsewhere in my garage.)

Therefore, as much as I hate to give up a little slice of history, I'm offering the table up for sale -- for the same price I bought it for at the auction ($50). The table comes with a certificate of authentication as well.

The catch: The damn thing's heavy. (It's marble, after all.) So you've got to be here in Southern California and willing to come pick it up.

Interested? Email us at

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