Thursday, July 02, 2009

Rate-A-Restaurant #211: Max Tribeca

Restaurant: Max Tribeca

Location: 181 Duane St. (New York)

Type of restaurant: Southern Italian

We stipulated: For our last night in New York, we didn't want to stray too far from our Battery City hotel. With no obvious choices there, we scoped out Tribeca. Maria was in the mood for Italian -- and Max popped up high on our search.

They stipulated: "Most pastas are already finished with cheese. Please inquire when ordering."

What we ordered: Spaghetti del Marinaio (homemade black spaghetti with shrimp in spicy tomato sauce; $14.95); Fettuccine al sugo Toscano (homemade fettuccine with Max's tomato meat sauce; $11.95); for Evan, Pollo Capriccioso (breaded chicken cutlet; $7.95)

High point: They definitely don't skimp on the sauce. Meanwhile, the seating was immediate, the service was quick, the environment was great and the food decent -- not the best Italian we've ever had, but it hit the spot.

Low point: Some attention to detail was missing, however; we asked for butter early on, but it never came. Also, the dessert selection was disappointing.

Overall impression: Time Out NY has called Max the best affordable Italian restaurant in New York, and I believe it. The prices are strong, and it's a great environment without being too upscale. We were happy to see a children's menu, and pleased with the service.

Chance we'll go back: If we were there, it'd be a great place to return again with Evan -- a nice adult restaurant that is still kid-friendly.

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