Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rate-A-Restaurant #212: Cliffs Edge

Restaurant: Cliffs Edge

Location: 3626 Sunset Blvd. (Silver Lake)

Type of restaurant: Italian/Mediterranean

We stipulated: For the tenth anniversary of the day we first met, Maria and I decided heading back to the Good Luck Bar wouldn't work out -- Maria's eight months pregnant, after all, and that wouldn't probably come off well. Instead, we opted to venture close by.

They stipulated: Cliffs Edge is almost entirely outdoor seating -- but permanent heat lamps hover above.

What we ordered: Barramundi with Sugar Snap Peas & Jasmin Rice, along with Lemon Grass JalapeƱo Broth ($24); Pan-seared California white sea bass with mashed potatoes and broccolini, along with butter corn sauce ($25). Salad: “Cliff’s” Caesar Salad --Classic Caesar with Shaved Reggiano & Anchovy & Garlic Crostini. Mike drink: Jalapeno margarita ($12).

High point: My fish was moist, and the rice had a nice hint of coconut. The hint of lemon in the salad was also nice.

Low point: Maria's fish was a bit too dry.

Barramundi with sugar snap peas

Overall impression: While the food is just OK, the Cliffs Edge setting helps make up for most of those shortcomings. Surrounding a massive tree and with greenery throughout, the restaurant is a great outdoor setting -- especially at dusk. Service was good, except at the start -- when we were greeted by a gruff maitre'd, followed by the employee who took us to our table -- and reeked of body odor. Yuk. Thankfully, it got better from there.

Pan-seared California white sea bass

Chance we'll go back: Perhaps for another special occasion.

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