Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rate-A-Restaurant #215: Angelique Cafe

Restaurant: Angelique Cafe

Location: 840 S Spring St. (Downtown)

Type of restaurant: Casual French

We stipulated: We were downtown a few weeks ago for the Renegade Craft Fair, and needed to grab lunch. The problem: It was 3 p.m., so we wanted to get something in the immediate vicinity of the Fashion District, yet many places had already stopped serving lunch. Angelique was close by and still open.

They stipulated: There's plenty of seating upstairs, and a patio as well.

What we ordered: Chicken porcini sausage sandwich ($12.95); Chicken sandwich ($11.95)

High point: It's a great, cute location, and the sandwiches are extra large.

Low point: The menu was very limited, especially for lunch. Also, despite its French leanings, the offerings were on the basic side.

Overall impression: I'm afraid it seems that Angelique's best days may be behind it. The walls are still covered with good reviews and accolades earned at the start of the decade -- when the menu was quite more extensive. It's sometimes the little things that first demonstrate a slide: Angelique hasn't paid to keep up its website; when we went, they'd run out of straws; etc. I wouldn't completely write Angelique off yet, especially since it has such a great location.

Chance we'll go back: As a result, we'll probably search for another joint the next time we're hungry downtown.

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