Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Wednesday Poll: The Three L.A. Eats That Keep You From Moving Away

Whenever we visit Hawaii (where I went to high school), Chicago (college) or even New York (spent a lot of time there through the years), there are always a handful of eateries that are on the "must" list... mostly for nostalgia sake, yes, but also because it's just damn good food.

So what if we ever had to --gasp -- leave Los Angeles? What three places would be on our list to hit when we returned?

That's a tough one. But here goes:

1. Carnitas tacos at Yuca's
2. Pastrami at Langer's
3. Sausage/mushroom pizza at Casa Bianca

OK, maybe that wasn't too tough afterall. I could probably think of more, but it's time to turn it over to you.

What are your picks for the three L.A. food items you'd immediately go seek out the second you touched down at LAX? Comment below.

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