Thursday, August 06, 2009

Tweeting the End of an "American Idol"/Paula Abdul Era

As Paula Abdul's exit from "American Idol" continues to saturate the airwaves, here are a few thoughts I had yesterday via Twitter. (If you're not following us, by the way, fix that right now: Go to,

VERY disappointed that LAPD chief Bill Bratton didn't tweet his resignation a la Paula Abdul.
about 12 hours ago from web

Bill Clinton has declined to get involved in the "Idol"/Paula Abdul negotiations: "Kim Jong-Il is the closest I want to get to crazy."
about 16 hours ago from web

Somewhere this morning, an "American Idol" craft services staffer is canceling the show's annual shipment from Grey Goose.
about 16 hours ago from web

Woke up this morning to a post-Paula Abdul world. Somehow, birds aren't chirping as loud, sky's a little less clear, the coffee more bitter.
about 17 hours ago from web

How much do you think Paula pays Suzanne Somers and Valerie Harper for their career guidance?
11:55 PM Aug 4th from web

Wonder if Paula Abdul texted her "Idol" resignation via AT&T Wireless, while sipping on a Coke in her Ford Focus.
11:51 PM Aug 4th from web

Sandy Duncan, Priscilla Barnes and Dick Sargent all vying to replace Paula on "Idol."
11:16 PM Aug 4th from web

This just in: Kirstie Alley has been cast to play "Paula" on "American Idol" next season.
11:11 PM Aug 4th from web

Poor Laura Ling and Euna Lee... returning to a land where Paula Abdul is no longer an "American Idol" judge.
11:06 PM Aug 4th from web

Meanwhile, now that Paula Abdul is free to pursue other projects: Somewhere, MC Skat Kat sits anxiously by the telephone.
10:56 PM Aug 4th from web

Psst, Paula: One word. Dunkleman.
10:50 PM Aug 4th from web

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