Tuesday, September 08, 2009

FOOD FAIL: New Kyochon at Glendale Galleria Disappoints

WIN: Korean Fried Chicken comes to Glendale.

FAIL: It's Kyochon, the lesser of the two Korean Fried Chicken chains (we prefer Bonchon). But the bigger problem: The mall location offers a smaller menu than the sit-down Kyochon in Koreatown -- and the chicken just isn't as tasty.

Pat at Eating LA experienced the same thing -- and thinks the problem comes down to how the chicken is fried. Pat thinks the chicken is pre-fried, then sits around, before being re-fried at the Kyochon Glendale Galleria location. Uh, yuk.

What I like about the Korean Fried Chicken is (a) the large drumsticks and (b) the skin, which is so crispy it eats like candy. Neither experiences can be found at Kyochon Glendale Galleria -- where the wings taste like, well, hot wings from any old place.

That might be OK, except for the price. A box of 20 wings -- a tiny box, at that -- clocks in at $16.99.

We nonetheless got a box of 20 wings -- half spicy and half garlic soy -- as well as the kid's meal (two crispy rice chicken strips, a side and a soda or juice -- pretty good deal at $3.99).

Strangely, the wings were much spicier than their counterparts at the Koreatown location. Otherwise, it didn't come close to the original. I won't be back, although Maria didn't mind it as much as I did. Sorry Kyochon, you rate a FOOD FAIL.

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