Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Rate-A-Restaurant #217: BoHo

Restaurant: BoHo

Location: 6372 W. Sunset (Hollywood)

Type of restaurant: Gastropub

We stipulated: This is going back to pre-Blogger Baby 2.0. After catching an early showing of "(500) Days of Summer" at the Arclight, we wanted to hit dinner -- and the newly opened gastropub BoHo, from Max and Oinkster chef Andre Guerrero (who's handling the kitchen) seemed to fit the bill. We're big fans of Max and, especially, The Oinkster.

They stipulated: Nothing is over $20, per the "bohemian" theme.

What we ordered: Burrata (croustades, roasted peppers, eggplant, heirloom tomato, basil; $11), Kalbi pizza (Korean bbq shortribs, chili paste, kimchee, fontina cheese, scallions; $15)

High point: Prices are strong, and some of the menu is interesting -- including the kalbi pizza, which is why we bit.

Low point: Perhaps they took the theme "bohemian" a bit too seriously. As you can see above, one of plates came out dirty, while the table was surprisingly sticky for a new joint. Another plate had a bug on it.

Overall impression: Sad to say, pretty disappointing. The pizza was OK, but the kalbi a bit too fatty for it to work -- plus, it got cold fast. And the burrata was just OK.

Chance we'll go back: Probably not. But we still love the Oinkster and Max, Andre! Sorry this one didn't work out for us.

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