Thursday, October 01, 2009

Crazy Gideon No Longer Stacking Them Deep and Selling Them Cheap

What's an insomniac to do? Long a staple of late, late, late night local TV, downtown electronics retailer "Crazy Gideon" -- full name Gideon Kotzer -- is officially retiring. I first heard the news several weeks ago, when Gideon called into KROQ's "Kevin & Bean" show. Now, it's official.

The Downtown News has the details:

The Downtown electronics retailer, famous for the wacky commercials where he smashes TVs to show how crazy he is for having such low prices, has put his 39,000-square-foot Arts District building up for lease. He plans on closing his store for good, possibly as early as the end of this year.

“The economy is really bad. I’ve been carrying this place for six months,” Gideon Kotzer said.

Kotzer still has about $1 million of inventory to sell before he can close, and his store’s website is announcing a going out of business sale with discounts of up to 70% off. Kotzer said he could possibly sell out of inventory by the end of the year.

While Crazy Gideon’s always seems to be in the midst of some kind of going-out-of-business promotion, the fact that the building is being marketed could make this different. The three-story building at 830 Traction Ave. is being listed by Major Properties.

Let's hope another eccentric local retailer takes on the late-late-late night advertising baton.

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