Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Big Donut, Big Disappointment

Driving home from Sunday's Los Angeles Conservancy driving tour of the South Bay's 1960s architecture, the Blogger Boy and I decided to stop at one more landmark: Randy's Donuts.

Years of driving by the big donut off the 405, and yet I had never visited. Evan and I pulled in -- he ordered a donut with chocolate frosting, while I got a glazed old fashioned.

I took one bite. Blech. Too buttery, too greasy... too terrible. Evan was happy with his half of a chocolate donut (what little boy wouldn't be?) - but I took a sample, and was similarly unimpressed.

Sorry to say, the big donut sign is the only draw to Randy's. When it comes to actual donuts, there are plenty of better choices in town.

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