Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More L.A. Geography from "FlashForward"

From the Halloween episode of ABC's "FlashForward" -- in this show's version of L.A., the bus system is run by the "UTA" -- the Urban Transit Authority. (Nice logo, though.) As a side note, I find it kind of strange that the show's producers aren't repped by UTA (the United Talent Agency), despite this subliminal plug.

Hollywood's take on L.A. geography always amuses. The two characters in this car had been downtown at the Coroner's Office. They found a clue and decided to head to Silver Lake. So they drive... down Wilshire Fairfax (thanks to reader Joanna for the fix!), in front of the old Johnie's at Wilshire and Fairfax.

Notice the 99 Cents Only store sign -- this was also one of two mentions of the 99 Cents store in the episode.

Later, BTW, the main character played by Joseph Fiennes is trick or treating with his daughter in the West Valley. (I know this because the address on the street signs was five digits, and started with a "2".) Suddenly, he's chasing a few bad guys -- straight into the Hollywood Forever cemetery.

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