Monday, December 14, 2009

Get Your Motor Runnin': A Saturday Night at the L.A. Auto Show

Having first launched in 1907 (although it took a break for most of the 1940s), the Los Angeles Auto Show is a yearly look into a culture that shaped much of our fair city. I'd never actually stepped foot into the event until this year, when -- armed with free tix -- we finally checked it out on Saturday night.

As Maria noted, it was pretty much exactly what we expected. Large, loud booths, plenty of new cars to check out and random distractions to keep people interested. I enjoyed the opportunity to check out vehicles without the usual dealer distraction of salespeople ready to pounce. The Blogger Preschooler loved opening and shutting the car doors. To each their own.

The downside? Visiting the Auto Show so close to dinner. With two kids in tow, leaving and coming back would have been too much of a production -- so we were forced to check out the L.A. Convention Center's meager, overpriced options. It wasn't pretty, but you don't come to the Auto Show to eat.

Some pics from our visit:

One of the highlights for the Blogger Preschooler: The model car race track at the Ford booth.

The "Boyotas" -- yes, nothing says hip like Toyota's acapella crooners.

BMW's concept car -- "BMW Vision EfficientDynamics"

Honda's concept car -- "Honda P-NUT"

The west hall floor, facing Honda

And some shots from the high-end auto floor, where no car was under $200,000:

Some historic shots from a display at the show:

The 1954 Auto Show floor, at the (now demolished) Pan Pacific Auditorium.

The great Auto Show fire of 1929.

The Auto Show moved to the Shrine following the fire.

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