Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rose Parade Hosts Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards: Yeah, We're Old.

Given the Stephanie Edwards/Tournament of Roses Parade controversy earlier this decade, the KTLA spots promoting this year's parade coverage are quite surprising.

As you probably remember, Edwards' advancing age was to blame for KTLA's decision to replace her alongside Bob Eubanks in the mid-2000s. Edwards was eventually brought back to the parade thanks to overwhelming demand... and now, in this year's spots, both Eubanks and Edwards poke fun at, well, their advancing age. (In another spot, Edwards cracks that a float dedicated in their honor would be titled... wait for it.. "Day of the Dinosaurs.")

I kinda admire their willingness to poke fun at their ages... but still surprised KTLA was willing to center their Rose Parade marketing campaign on the idea that Eubanks and Edwards are, well, old. I guess KTLA's coverage so dominates the New Year's Day ratings (truly, no one comes close in the L.A. market) that it doesn't matter. (And these spots may even endear the duo -- who, it's always been rumored, didn't exactly play nice with each other -- to viewers.)

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