Tuesday, December 01, 2009

"The Simpsons" Helps Huell Howser Celebrate His 25th Anniversary on PBS

The folks at "The Simpsons" are quite fascinated by KCET host Huell Howser and his "aw, shucks" TV brand -- so much so that Howser has been parodied on the show in the past as "Howell Heuser."

Now, to mark Howser's 25th anniversary with KCET, "The Simpsons" has produced a special greeting from Homer -- and Howser will even be featured in the Dec. 13 episode of "The Simpsons."

"Yes, everyone at 'The Simpsons' does a Huell Howser impression," Matt Groening recently told the L.A. Times. "We all love him. I have on my permanent do-not-delete TiVo Huell's visit to the Bunny Museum. I hear, but haven't seen, that Huell's climb up a wind turbine tower is a classic. At the show we all love HH so much that after first sending him up, we had HH play himself in an upcoming episode."

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