Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Press Release of the Day: Wait, Who Are You?? Edition

File this under, "Nobody asked." Apparently some bit player from "Showgirls" wants you to know that she's not participating in a sequel to "Showgirls." Don't flatter yourself, lady.

Here's her press release:

The following statement from Rena Riffel from original SHOWGIRLS cast member in regards to the SHOWGIRLS sequel films currently being discussed in the media:

"Some media outlets have been reporting and posting about a SHOWGIRLS follow-up feature called SHOWGIRLS 2, which I am not affiliated with, in any way, shape or form. I'll admit, I was contacted by the German SHOWGIRLS fan-turned-“ Hollywood director” to star in his first feature film. However, it was so horrifically graphic and out of the show's original story theme that I needed to withdraw from those talks.

I am officially working on my own SHOWGIRLS follow-up feature film.

My film is titled SHOWGIRL, being that I am the last and only “showgirl” still keeping that flame alive. It's sort of a..."What ever happened to Penny Hope?" - fifteen years later, story. SHOWGIRL is my take on what becomes of a thirty-something year-old stripper who is still obsessed with dancing and fame.

We are planning on shooting this coming summer and are still searching for a few of our leading and supporting characters to round out the cast. SHOWGIRLS’ fans will be pleased to learn that some of the original cast members have agreed to be in SHOWGIRL, and some of my MULHULLAND DRIVE cast members will appear as well. It is my hope to work with my SHOWGIRLS friends Gina Gershon and Elizabeth Berkley again too. And, I am even thinking about giving my former STRIPTEASE co-star friend Demi Moore a call.

You could say I’m pulling a “Barbra Streisand.” SHOWGIRL is my YENTL, because I will be writing, directing and starring!

Yep, telling the world that you're thinking about calling an old co-worker is worthy enough of a press release. And as I doubt she now actually holds the rights to "Showgirls," apparently she's not familiar with copyright infringement.

I do like the slogan "Showgirl Is My Yentl" though. It's the new "Jesus is My Homeboy." Someone print a few thousand T-shirts, stat!

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