Monday, March 29, 2010

Rate-A-Restaurant #222: Border Grill Truck

Restaurant: Border Grill Truck

Location: For this review, 5750 Wilshire Blvd. (Miracle Mile) -- but found all over the city

Type of restaurant: Mexican

We stipulated: I not only had a leftover free taco coupon from my Blogger Prom goodie bag, but needed lunch too. While the lines at the Border Grill truck were long, and both Kogi and Bool trucks were close by, I hadn't yet tried the only truck to come straight from the culinary minds of the Too Hot Tamales. (I've always liked both Border Grill and Ciudad, after all.)

They stipulated: From their website: "Presenting the bold flavors of modern Mexican cuisine, Border Grill Truck sets a new standard for mobile gourmet fare. Our menu is always evolving so this is just a sample of our most popular dishes. Be sure to ask about our farmers market specials and watch for secret passwords on Twitter and Facebook to get an exclusive taste of the latest chef creations."

What we ordered: Avocado Taco (chipotle salsa, creamy corn relish, pickled onion); Crispy Baja Fish Taco (chipotle honey, creamy salsa fresca); Cilantro Chicken Taco (tomatillo, creamy salsa fresca). Tacos cost between $2.50 and $3.

High point: I liked the uniqueness of the avocado taco, particularly the black sesame coating -- which gave it a nice crunch. And that tomato/onion/crema sauce that you see on all three tacos ins incredible.

Low point: It's not a long hike between the truck's parking spot on the Miracle Mile (when it's there at all, which is increasingly rare) and my office... but by the time I got back and began to eat, the fish in the fish taco had already gotten cold.

Overall impression: The Border Grill truck tacos are a bit more expensive than most taco trucks... but the gourmet nature of it is well worth the visit. Plus the service was strong: They even spotted me four cents when I was short. And the service was relatively quick.

Chance we'll go back: The BG truck seems to be mostly avoiding the Miracle Mile lately... but if and when they come back, I'll be there.

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