Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shamrock The Shake: Any Los Angeles Sightings?

We're usually on top of the Shamrock Shake news here at Franklin Avenue -- just check out our extensive past coverage.

But I must admit, I haven't been keeping in the loop this year -- having not been to a MickeyD's in years (other than to get, well, a Shamrock Shake). But I haven't seen a banner touting the green treat at any McDonald's I pass by. And the unofficial tally of Shamrock Shake sightings is inconclusive about Southern California -- although it seems like the Bay Area has been blessed.

Then there's the question of how much the winning Shamrock Shake formula has been tampered with. According to Serious Eats, the revived shake is less minty, comes with whipped cream and a cherry, and is poured into a small plastic cup.

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