Monday, March 01, 2010

Taking the Jonathan Gold "Things To Eat In L.A. Before You Die" Challenge

How many of LA Weekly gastroscribe Jonathan Gold's "99 Things to Eat in L.A. Before You Die" have you tried? (Check the full list here.) I counted around 20, including these highlights:

-- Tito's Tacos
-- Langer's hot pastrami
-- Kogi's kalbi taco
-- Casa Bianca's sausage and eggplant pizza
-- Lazy Ox Canteen's Paleron (pot roast) With Kumquats and Cream of Wheat
-- Philippe's French Dip
-- Cole's French Dip
-- Brooklyn Bagel Bakery's hearth-baked bagel
-- Chili John's chili
-- Oki Dog
-- Mozza pizza
-- Nickel Diner's maple bacon donut

In other words, I better get cracking!

We most recently just tried the Lazy Ox's pot roast two weekends ago -- just before the J-Gold list came out. And, of course, my Oki Dog experience was completely inspired by Gold: It was his famed Pico restaurant marathon that inspired our 2007 edition of the Great Los Angeles Walk (including a lunch stop at Oki Dog).

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