Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rate-A-Restaurant #224: Street

Restaurant: Susan Feniger's Street

Location: 742 N. Highland (Hollywood)

Type of restaurant: Asian fusion

We stipulated: Needed a new spot for business lunches. Over the past year, have visited Street a handful of times.

They stipulated: Says Feniger: "The exotic ingredients and unexpected flavors from the food on the streets, infused with the wisdom of the ages, has surprised and delighted my palate. These unsung heroes have been my inspiration for Street. I've tried my best to represent their traditions and their heart and soul, while still bringing my own special 'spin' to the table."

What we ordered: Tatsutage fried chicken (marinated with soy, mirin and sake; crispy friend in rice batter and topped with spicy kewpie mayonnaise sauce; served with pickled vegetable slaw and chilled soba noodles). Also: Moldavian meatballs in sweet & sour tomato sauce; paani puri (small tastes of spiced potato, chutneys and sprouted beans enclosed in crispy puffs of dough dipped in yogurt-cilantro water); dessert: Turkish doughnuts (small spiced pastries fried and then simmered in cardamom rose syrup served with sour cream and rose hip jam).

High point: The meatballs were strong, but the paani puri (above) won for best flavor.

Low point: The dessert took a *really* long time to come, and the blue potatoes (above) were a bit on the burnt side.

Overall impression: I like the diversity of the menu, and the fact that the items came out one by one, so that we were continually tasting new dishes. It also appears that the menu has been fine-tuned from when I first visited last year.

Chance we'll go back: Yes; we're still fans of Feniger's collaborations with Mary Sue Milliken -- Ciudad and Border Grill. And although the idea of eating street food while sitting down -- and in a pricier setting -- is a little odd, the experience is worth the visit.

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