Friday, June 18, 2010

Lakers Win! Downtown Burns!

Oh, Los Angeles. You can't just enjoy an NBA Finals win for the Lakers, you've gotta trash downtown while you celebrate.

Of course, some of it was self-fulfilling prophecy, as we were all told for days to STAY AWAY FROM DOWNTOWN. Which was a blazing advertisement for folks looking for a little mischief to HEAD STRAIGHT DOWNTOWN.

We've seen worse post-NBA Finals disturbances downtown. Honestly, I was more offended last night by the universal decision by L.A. anchors to wear purple (except Colleen Williams, who worse turquoise -- fight the power, girl).

But still, it's embarrassing. A few folks on the downtown streets last night managed to confirm the stereotypes the rest of the country already holds about our city.

Ahh well. Here are a few of my Tweets from last night, in case you missed:

BP offers to help clear L.A. streets of rioters. Rioting should be contained by November, the company says.

KCBS-2 news: Jim Hill wearing light purple; Pat Harvey wearing light purple dress. Paul "Pimp Daddy" Magers sporting purple suit! You go!!

KNBC-4 news: Chuck Henry wearing striped purple tie, Colleen Williams wearing... turquoise. Oops, someone didn't get the memo.

KABC-7 news: Rob Fukuzaki wearing purple shirt and purple striped tie. Marc Brown wearing purple tie. Michelle Tuzee wearing light purple.

16 years ago, we watched TV as one man was chased by the LAPD. Tonight, we watched TV as hundreds were chased by LAPD. That's progress!

NO NO NO. Burn down the city if you must, BUT DON'T EFF OUR TACO TRUCKS. RT@seanbonner RT @xenijardin: they're attacking *taco trucks* now.

You all realize this wall-to-wall coverage just fuels the rioting. I'm tempted to go out and loot a McDonald's after watching.

I like to think that they're not rioting about the Lakers win, but they're just protesting the ugly architecture of "L.A. Live."

Getting some food to bring home from @manilamachine -- hearing fireworks here in Glassell Park. Um, I think those are fireworks!

Cmon L.A., let's seriously head over and rough up the 909 instead. They won't notice, right?

OK, Lakers are no. 1 topic now -- but Lizzie McGuire still no. 2.

Top Twitter trending topic in Los Angeles right now: "Lizzie McGuire movie." Wait, what?

Ron Artest thanked his shrink -- I smell a new HBO series!

Hey, anyone know where we're rioting here in Glendale?

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