Wednesday, June 09, 2010

NME Celebrates The Music of "West Coast Mess" Los Angeles

British music wrag NME is celebrating the vibrant Los Angeles music scene... by trashing Los Angeles.

I suppose we'll have to look past that and instead appreciate the fact that NME has devoted a five-part series to our city.

Artists profiled include Liars, We Are the World, Fools Gold, Avi Buffalo (above), Local Natives, Signals, PPM, Warpaint and others.

NME divides L.A.'s music scene into five segments: "the subversives, the tribal poppers, the psych rock contingent, the worldy folk types, and the ever-present Smell scenesters."

Download free MP3s and read further here for "the subversives"; here for the "worldly folk types"; here for "the Smell sound"; here for the "psych rocker" sound; and here for "the otherworldly."

(Thanks to Joe for the link.)

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