Friday, June 04, 2010

Retro Friday: Old Timey Food Establishments

I wonder what fueled the whole 1960s/1970s boom in everything old timey -- was it a boom in player pianos? Barber shop quartets? Porkpie hats?

Whatever the reason, chain restaurants like Shakey's Pizza and Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour went heavy on that old-time theme, much to patrons' delight. (My sister and I had at least one, maybe more, birthday parties at Farrell's.) Above, an old ad for Farrell's; and below, Shakey's.

Both brands went on hard times for several decades -- Shakey's closed most of its locations across the country, although remained in Southern California. Farrell's, which at one point had 120 locations around the country, now has four -- in Santa Clarita and Mission Viejo here in California, and in Kaneohe and Aiea in Hawaii.

Shakey's, which has now shed that old-timey theme, is actually experiencing a renaissance under new owners. The chain is expanding (and even recently opened in Hawaii).

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