Wednesday, June 09, 2010

What's the 99 Cents Only Store Trying to Tell Us?

You know how much we love the 99 Cents Only store -- check out our past posts here. And of course, we love it for the quirky, strange products and cheap-o packaging as we do the real bargains.

Sunday, for example, at the Tarzana location I spotted the 99-cent condoms next to the 99-cent pregnancy tests. No lie. Either someone at the store has a sense of humor... or they know the 99-cent products can only do so much.

Separately, for some reason I also find the idea of an entire year's calendar devoted to rats (similar to the one above) rather off-putting. I know, people keep rats as pets. But staring at photos of rats, month after month? I guess for 99 cents...

Here's our haul from Sunday's trip: Pretty standard fare. A sand castle toy, some powdered sugar, Toblerone and Big Red. The most unusual find: The limited edition "classic turtle" flavor of Jell-o instant pudding.

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