Monday, July 26, 2010

Rate-A-Restaurant #231: Pitfire Pizza

Restaurant: Pitfire Pizza

Location: 108 W. 2nd St. (at Main) (Downtown)

Type of restaurant: Pizza

We stipulated: We were meeting our friend and "Comic-Con widow" Jess for dinner; that makes for four young kids between us. We needed something kid-friendly -- can't beat pizza -- and a reliable spot for good food but relatively quick service. Jess recommended Pitfire; and although we'd had Pitfire pizza before, we had never visited the downtown location. So we were in.

They stipulated: "We hand-make our food." Also, Pitfire has you order and pay upfront before finding your seat.

What we ordered: Big Sur pizza (wild Gulf shrimp, marinated tomato, Italian parsley, red chile flakes; $10.25); crab cappellini ($12.95); plain mozzarella/tomato sauce pizza ($7.95); Diet Coke ($2.95)

High point: The restaurant put up with our crazy kid shenangians -- can't ask for much more than that. But the menu of diverse pizzas is also a plus. And the crust is strong.

Low point: Maria's pasta dish strangely came out of the kitchen much later than the rest of our dishes.

Overall impression: The pizzas are good, although the prices are a bit on the high end for such a spot. Dinner for just the three of us came to $40 -- that's pretty steep for a pizza place. It's also a little strange that the pizzas come in only one, personal size. But the food was good -- I liked my pizza, Maria liked her pasta, and Evan managed to stretch his pizza out to two nights.

Chance we'll go back: There's a good chance, but particularly if we get a coupon.

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