Thursday, July 22, 2010

Silver Lake's Shirtless Walking Man Dies at 58

(L.A. mag pic by Gregg Segal)

This is quite disheartening: According to the L.A Times, the famous "Shirtless Walker" of Silver Lake has died. And he was only 58.

Marc Abrams became famous for being constantly spotted walking, always with a newspaper in hand, on a daily basis throughout Silver Lake. He was recently even the subject of two different profiles, in both the and Los Angeles Magazine.

According to those stories, Abrams (who was a doctor) had been walking 20 miles every day for 30 years. Almost always topless (hmm, was that the problem?).

He was quite fit in addition to being quite tan. And yet... he died at the relatively young age of 58. What gives?

UPDATE: KNBC reports that Abrams appears to have drowned in a hot tub. Read more here, and check out the Facebook tribute page to the Shirtless Walking Man here.

ALSO: A memorial walk is being organized for this Sunday. Read all about it here -- and make sure to bring along short shorts, a rolled-up New York Times and lots of sunscreen.

(Image above from the recent Los Angeles magazine profile of Abrams.)

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