Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Taster Tots Searches for Kid-Friendly Dining in L.A.

Like many of you, we've struggled to keep up with L.A.'s ever-changing restaurant scene now that we've got tykes in tow.

But it's all about picking the right restaurants -- and the right times (hint: lunch or early dinner) -- for both you and the little ones to enjoy.

Enter longtime L.A. food blogger Jessica Ritz, who has just launched a new website, Taster Tots L.A., to help guide L.A. parents on where to eat -- and what to avoid.

Jessica's early reviews include downtown's Starry Kitchen and Fairfax's Golden State. Among her criteria: What's kid-friendly on the menu? What will adults like? And... is there a changing table in the bathroom?

Oh, and one more thing: Maria designed that catchy logo. Good luck to Jessica on the new site!

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