Monday, September 13, 2010

August 2010 Arbitron Ratings: KIIS Still On Top

KIIS-FM remains the dominant force in Los Angeles radio, topping the August 2010 Arbitron survey with 6.3% of the 6+ audience, far ahead of second-place KRTH (4.7). Meanwhile, KAMP "Amp Radio" jumps to a 4.2 share, landing in third. L.A. apparently loves its top 40.

The real interesting contest appears to be on the public radio side: KPCC-FM had one of its best books in recent memory, landing a 2.2 share -- right below KNX-AM and a full share point ahead of KABC-AM. The news isn't as strong for KCRW, which slipped to a 0.8 share. (That dip can be partly blamed on KCRW's August on-air fundraising drive, although the station did cut it down this year.)

In the battle of the alternative rockers, KYSR 98.7 still has a slight advantage over heritage KROQ.

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