Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Days of Parking for Free at a Busted Meter Are Ending

This past Sunday in downtown, we took advantage of a little-known parking tip: It's OK to park at yellow "loading zone" spots after 6 p.m. and all day Sunday.

Pretty handy. And it may come in even more handy now that L.A. is putting a stop to free parking at busted meters.

Sigh -- it's true. As LAist reports, LADOT is putting stickers up on new meters, warning motorists to either pay through multiple means -- or find another spot. Couple that with the number of pay stations that are replacing meters around town, and the days of scoring a free meter may soon be over.

LAist writes:

f the coin slot is jammed, pay with a credit card. If the credit card swipe won't register, pay with coins. If both don't work, too bad, find another space.

"If you are unable to pay using either the credit/debit card function or cash, you need to move to another parking space," explained LADOT spokesperson Bruce Gillman. "We recommend people call the number on the meter, or simply 311, to report any problems."

The new policy is partly to discourage intentional vandalism that some people have done in the past to park for free.

At least we still have you, Yellow Loading Zone.

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