Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Owner to Keep Clifton's Cafeteria Open 24 Hours

Like many of you, I was concerned over news that downtown's legendary Clifton's Cafeteria had a new owner: The Edison's Andrew Meieran.

So far, Meieran has said all the right things, and is promising some exciting new features.

First and foremost, Blogdowntown reports that Meieran plans to open Clifton's 24 hours a day -- something a revitalized downtown can finally support. He'll also restore Clifton's to its 1930s glory, and will even model a new tiki bar after Clifton's one-time Pacific Seas downtown location.

Reports Blogdowntown:

An expanded menu will focus on comfort food, adding several items from the restaurant's collection of recipes dating back to the 1930s. The large commercial bakery on the building's top floor will also be revitalized and reactivated, and Meieran said this morning that he hopes to see it supply baked goods across Downtown.

Meieren said a “sympathetic restoration” could begin immediately with an eventual goal of restoring Clifton’s to “what it was like in the ‘30s.”

As long as Clifton's kitschy outdoor woods decor survives, I'm happy. Clifton's food is nothing spectacular -- it's not what Clifton's is all about -- so a dining upgrade is welcome.

Read our 2006 visit to Clifton's here.

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