Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our First Look at the New Santa Monica Place

View from the Santa Monica Place food court

It wasn't too long ago that Santa Monica was still mulling what to do with the fading Santa Monica Place. Earlier this month we finally got our first glimpse at the result: A new, open air shopping center that sits on the old Santa Monica Place foot print.

But this isn't the Santa Monica Place you remember. The old Frank Gehry-designed structure has been replaced by something that faces both the ever-popular Third Street Promenade (I'm not a big fan) and the Santa Monica Pier (bigger fan).

The food court now sits on the third floor, with viewers of the Pier and the ocean. And the mall also contains more higher-end stores than the old Santa Monica Place. The verdict? Fine, although at times I felt like I was simply at the old mall, but with the roof ripped open.

Your thoughts?

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