Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Silver Lake Trader Joe's Brings Back Its Local Color

Good news for Trader Joe's Silver Lake shoppers like Jessica Ritz, who bemoaned the loss of some local flavor after the store expanded: Some of it is coming back.

That includes the Silver Lake TJ's use of local street names to designate its checkout registers. As part of the store's recent expansion into the old Video Hut space, the checkouts were suddenly given numbers in place of streets like Hyperion, Rowena and (of course), Franklin.

Jessica wrote at the time:

There might be 14 check-out aisles, plenty of wandering room, and expanded shelf space. But gone are the murals showing local landmarks: Dodger Stadium, Travel Town, the Observatory. In its place are other trying to be "funky" eclectic images that don't have the neighborhood feel of the former decor. For all its shortcomings, I've always preferred this pre-mega-chain, old school-feeling TJs, for better or for worse.

The Eastsider L.A. wrote about it as well.

Some of the murals are still there -- such as Travel Town, which is painted on an office door. But new drawings of L.A. sights like the zoo and downtown skyline now exist above the cashiers.

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